Innovative village

Innovative village -project seeks new approaches to develop innovative and sustainable community based services in rural areas. The purpose of the project is to develop innovative and sustainable local services in rural areas. Participants exchange best practices by workshops and study trips, map service needs, pilot and trial innovative service ideas and share the results with each other, with experts and public.

The main beneficiaries of the project are the inhabitants of the rural communities the project works with. Secondary beneficiaries are the holiday residents and visitors of those communities, municipalities and other service planners and producers. Target villages in JyväsRiihi area are Kangashäkki village in Uurainen municipality, Vesanka village and Säyntäsalo village  in Jyväskylä city.

As the result of the project there are new, tested services running in the target communities. The people that have been active in the workshops and study programmes have learned about innovating, service production and international contacts. The target communities are more viable, active and international. The partner areas are more aware about the possibilities of rural service production.

Project partners are LAG’s of Viisari and JyväsRiihi in Central Finland, North East Region Rural Development Partnership (NER) in Northern Ireland, and Tartumaa Arendusselts (TAS) in Estonia. The coordinating partner will be JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

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Innovative village -Preparatory phase (04/2011 - 03/2012)

JAMK University of Applied Sciences has run a preparatory Leader project funded by LAG Viisari and LAG JyväsRiihi.

The goals have been achieved:

1. Five partners from three countries have signed the cooperation agreement.

2. Existing service information of each target community in Central Finland has been collected through workshops and a questionnaire in chosen rural communities. The work done during the preparatory project will be used in the transnational cooperation project.

3. Together with all partners a funding application for a transnational Leader cooperation project has been produced. The funding applications have been sent in and the first funding decicions received.

Innovative Village GOPP Latviassa

The potential partners met in Latvia in September. The meeting produced a basic plan for the project in a GOPP workshop (Goal Oriented Project Planning) led by Ms Rika Nakamura (photo), project planner at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The process of GOPP workshop led the participants from the jungle of problems to a multitude of possible solutions and into a variety of actions. In the end the Innovative Village GOPP workshop guided the participants into forming a logical framework of the future project (first page of the GOPP memo). That is the base of the common project plan. The second workshop was held in Finland in November 2011 and a third in England in March 2012.

Latvia study trip report

Read about the workshops in EU Rural Review, Issue 11 - LEADER and Cooperation (April 2012).

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