LAG Viisari choises: promotion of local economy


The LEADER groups in Central Finland have jointly selected three focus areas for development:

  • Development of business activities and entrepreneurship
  • Development of multifaceted rural housing
  • Promotion of communality and doing things together


Cross-cutting themes:

  • Promotion of local economy
  • Increasing the involvement of the youth and strengthening the youth perspective
  • Green power, i.e. promoting environment- and nature-oriented activities
  • Supporting internationalisation

Strategic focus points of the development 

strategic focus Viisari

Main focus of LAG Viisari

main focus Viisari

The main focus of the LAG Viisari is on the economical development of rural communities and areas. The outer circle list examples of LEADER-activity themes and connections to other development focus areas.

Project selections criteria


All projects funded by the LAG Viisari will implement our programme so that the action being funded simultaneously promotes the goals of at least one main theme and one penetrating theme.

General requirements compulsory to all activities:

  1. In line with the programme
  2. Locally oriented
  3. Resources and other operational preconditions of applicants; impact evaluation of activities

Focus areas guiding the selections of the LAG Viisari:

  1. Creation of employment, promotion of business activities
  2. Novelty value
  3. Co-operation
  4. Transferability, applicability.