Internationalisation as a strenght

The chain of international projects started at the LAG Viisari in 2001 with the European youth cooking school (Eurooppalainen nuorten kokkikoulu) preliminary report. It led to a project implemented with the Germans Youth food journey to Europe (Nuorten Safkamatka Eurooppaan) that lasted over two years.

The international network of the LAG Viisari expanded. The Internationalising producers (Kansainvälistyvät tuottajat) preliminary report was directed at Italy. As result, the Internationalising producers – IMPROVE (Kansainvälistyvät tuottajat – IMPROVE) project was created which lasted almost four years.

The many faces of wood – Insights into folk art and everyday creativity is an international project studying and promoting outsider art.

The Innovative Village preliminary report led to an implementation project to promote the development of village-oriented services with the LAG JyväsRiihi, JAMK University of Applied Sciences and partners from Estonia and Northern Ireland.


What we will do:

  • We will help our residents and entrepreneurs in internationalisation: to find new networks and customers from at home and abroad, to develop their products and services and their marketing to meet international demand.
  • We will support study trips abroad and people exchange.
  • We will promote internationalisation at home, for example, by encouraging immigrants to participate and make available their own competence in communal activities and development.